From the coins of the 64-70 period and the 132-135 period (period of the inverted U) the following table is gotten:

which agrees with the words of Flavius Josephus as he says in Wars of the Jews 5,5,7: "The Sacred Name [of God] consists of 4 [hebrew] VOWELS"

In the actual Jewish Masorite alphabet there are no vowels:

Even though the Qumran priesthood used the square Chaldean alphabet, they used vowels:

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In the Siloam Inscription ( A B ), around the year 700 Before Christ, the vowels were used:

in 1935 was found the Lachish Inscription (more) , around the 589 Before Christ, in which clearly the vowels are shown:

So, from the 700 Before Christ to the 64-70 of the Christian Era the vowels were there, with very little change in shape:

The letter A is shorten leg, but still kept its general shape:

Even though the scholars say that the ancient didn't used vowels, the Stones show the opposite, as we see in the following portion of the Roseta Stone

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The Following coin of the time of the Alexander the Great (336-323 B.C.) shows Greek vowels:

Any ancient alphabet that we review HAD VOWELS: A B C D

Many of the actual Greek letters resemble those ancient alphabet characters:

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